Monday, 19 March 2018

Teacher Only Days

What really happens on teacher only days?
Teacher Only Days (or Professional Learning Days) are days loved by all students, but perhaps dreaded by most parents – especially if you’re a working parent who has to make alternate plans.  I thought I would share what really happens on these days ‘off’ and answer the question, “Why can’t these just happen after school?”

Teacher only days are great way for staff to work together, to learn together and have fun together without having to stop for 'normal' day type routines. No one has to rush off to collect their own children or get to the shops before they close so as a leader, I know that I have a captive audience for the whole day!

Our most recent ToD was held on the Friday before a long weekend. Teaching staff came together to share our understanding of 'student driven, future focused' classrooms and what they might look like at Ngaere School. We were able to take time to explore the research (using QR codes) and talk about our own place and space.
We took time to develop a plan moving forward to ensure the learning in our classrooms becomes more visible so learners are able to talk about what they know, what they need to know and how they may bridge the gap.


At the same time our wonderful teacher aides were working at Stratford Primary School with facilitator, Heather Bell and other TAs from our cluster of schools.

We don't tend to have many Teacher Only days each year but we do consider them to be an extremely valuable Professional learning time.

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